Simple powerful tool for costing of production

Powerful & Easy to use, a perfect tool for all types of manufacturing of food production for calculation costs.
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Powerfull tool for costing of production

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Just create a new account at the sign up page. You don't need any installation or maintenance. User friendly web tool is very simple to use and you will feel comfortable in a few minutes after signed in to the system.

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The web tool available to any platforms. You should have only an internet connection and browser. The tool is optimized for working on mobile devices as well as for desktop.

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Have no fears about saving of the data or your personal data can be stolen from your computer. We use the secure connection (SSL) and the dedicated server for saving your data. Our server automatically makes the backups of your data and save in safe place.

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The system has free version. Free version has limited functionality, but it should be enough for solving small tasks for small business. If you decide to use full functionality, the data will be transferred to paid version without any issues.

Tool for costing of production

Powerful & Easy to use, a perfect tool for all types of manufacturing of food production.
Recipe pricing tool helps you manage your ingredients, recipes and prices of them easily. You are able to create and count the cost of your recipes in any units of measurement, also you can easily export and print any data from your account.

How it works?

Here is how it works, you buy 50 gallons of oil for $200, you use for a recipe one cup of oil, so you calculate the cost of the cup of oil based on the price you paid for the 50 gallons.

Now what if you have a recipe that requires 10 grams of oil? Ha.. that's weight, and the price for oil you pay is in volume.. so here it comes..... you choose from a predefined list of items (such as of our example oil) and we have already calculated the conversions between weight to volume for you... it includes thousands of ingredients and values are based on USDA info, And all is done...!!! You just add the ingredients to your recipes in any unit of measure you like and you will get the accurate cost!

What if you add an ingredient to your recipe which is your own made ingredient? for example you add an amount of chocolate cream to your cake, How do you calculate this? so we have a solution for this too, you create this cream as a recipe, with all ingredients for it, (example the cocoa and oil and sugars and stuff) and you have now accurate cost of your cream on any unit of measure, Now you convert this recipe (in our case the chocolate cream) as an ingredient... and bingo!!! whenever you choose for a cake any UOM of this cream, you will have accurate cost of it, and the ingredient remains linked to the recipe in case you want to make any changes to it.

The fastest way to calculate your recipe costs (Features)


Manage of your ingredients for your recipes..


Compose a recipe by simply adding ingredients..

Recipe cost

The system calculates your recipe cost and profit instantly.

Labor cost

Calculation of labor cost for each recipe.

Nutrition fact

Calculation the nutrition fact for any recipes based on USDA info.

Measurement Units

You are used very difficult measurements. Tool allows to manage own units.

Support 24/7

We help our clients 24/7. You should only fill the support form and we will answer as soon as it possible.


Do you want to export your data to some compact format? The system allows to export recipes, ingredients to PDF.

Access at any time

You have access to the system at any time.

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